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If you roll over the map, when you have a hand symbol, click to bring up a photograph of what is visible in the park today.

The Hornchurch Airfield Battlefield Command Post set into the south east corner of the airfield Gunner’s eye view from a Pillbox A Type 22 Pillbox on the eastern perimeter of RAF Hornchurch A view from the eastern perimeter of the airfield across the Ingrebourne valley. The most likely direction of approach by German invaders. Two Tett Turrets lurking on the eastern edge of RAF Hornchurch View of  a Tett  Turret The ammunition handling hatch for one of the Hornchurch 3.5” AA guns. The Officer’s Mess as it is today, now a medical practice. RAF Hornchuich, in Remembrance. The view south east from the surviving Fighter Pen An entrance to one of the Fighter Pen air raid shelters View across the surviving  Fighter Pen. Now in use as a car park for the country park St George's Hospital

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